Sunday, November 6, 2011

New products and Events

Over the past 8 months El Tejano has been trying to organize and construct a plan to enlarge production of the original Tex-Mex salsa while adding new products to the line. Its been a tuff road and to say the least frustrating. Never the less, the time has come that El Tejano can offer BBQ sauce, Hot Sauce and Tex-Mex salsa. In addition to the sauces we are also linked up with varias restaurants around town were our sauces can be found (a future post explaining)

For those of you who have stuck with me over the months, I can´t thank you enough. For those of you who have gotten your orders on time, without fail....I thank you. For those of you who placed an order with me and did not receive that order. Please, write me, mail me, curse me out...but lets fix the error and get some salsa, hot sauce or BBQ sauce to your door.

We look forward to seeing yáll around town. And keep an eye out for my BBQ events that are sneaking around the corner.


  1. Looking forward to trying some Texas hot sauce! Very difficult to find anything here worthwhile!

  2. Brisket! OMG. No one can believe how good it is!